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Dry Eyes, Red Eyes & Allergies

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Comprehensive Eye Exam

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Contact Lenses & Specialty Lenses

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LASIK Surgery Consultation

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Children's & Senior's Vision

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Sports Vision Training

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Computer Vision

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OptiLight IPL Therapy & MGD

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OptiLightIPL Treatment & Ocular Rosacea

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MiSight 1-Day Contact Lenses

MiSight 1-Day Contact Lenses

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MiSight 1-Day Contact Lenses

iTear® 100

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Co-Management for LASIK & Cataracts Surgery

Are you a suitable candidate for LASIK or Cataracts Surgery? Our office is equipped to co-manage both surgeries. Ask us about them today!

Visionix VX 120

Now, in just under 90 seconds, we can perform a full eye diagnostic test, using just one machine.

Beverly Hills Optometry uses Visionix VX 120 for an advanced view into your eye care.

Lash Advance - Now Available!

The 1st Step to Longer, Lusher, Fuller Lashes And Brows. Lash Advance is doctor recommended high quality and healthy alternative to help lashes and brows grow naturally. Hypoallergenic, does NOT contain bimatoprost (active ingredient in LATISSE), will NOT cause red, irritated eyes and will NOT darken eyelids or change iris pigmentation. Clinically tested and evaluated for efficacy and safety.

The Eye Massage by Beverly Hills Optometry

The team at Beverly Hills Optometry is excited to be the first office in Beverly Hills to offer this revolutionary dry eye treatment to Patients!

The Eye Massage by Beverly Hills Optometry is an innovative dry eye therapy for patients with dry eyes, tired eyes, styes, and blepharitis. 

Check out our blog post  and contact our office to learn more and find out how the Eye Massage by Beverly Hills Optometry can help you!


BlephEx, the first and only doctors treatment for blepharitis! Find relief from blepharitis, demodex, styes, and dry, itchy eyes caused by meibomian gland dysfunction. 

BlephEx is a new, in-office procedure that allows our doctors to completely remove the scurf, debris, crusting, and exotoxin-laden biofilm that builds up on our patients lid margins. This biofilm causes the inflammation which slowly shuts down the tear glands and causes a wide range of other symptoms.

The BlephEx hand piece spins a surgical-grade micro PVA sponge at 1,000 RPM, which has been soaked in a lid scrub solution, along the lid margin. A fresh tip is used for each eyelid. Once clean, now home lid scrubs actually have a benefit in helping KEEP the lids clean, instead of expecting home scrubs to GET the lids clean. Treatments are performed every 4-6 months, sometimes sooner if necessary.

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Digital Retinal Photography

Have you ever wanted to see what the back of your eye looks like? Get a detailed, expert description of the unique fingerprint of your retina and its structures. This is particularly useful for early detection, monitoring, and/or treatment of eye and body conditions like macular degeneration, glaucoma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancers, retinal tears, etc. It serves as a great tool for preventative medicine. Strongly advised for first time patients OR patients with a personal/family history of any of the above mentioned. 

The latest in retinal imaging technology, the AFC-330. The AFC-330 is built on the X-Y-Z operational alignment system that has proven unique and successful for a number of Nidek manufactured ophthalmic devices. This advanced operational platform allows for cutting edge imaging techniques, such as stereo pairs or 7 field panoramic imaging, just as quickly and easily as single 45 degree photos.

The AFC-330's sleek design is the product of over 30 years of development in retinal cameras by NIDEK. Our practice continually seeks to enhance the patient experience and the AFC-330 is the retinal camera of choice with its speed, accuracy, and patient comfort.

Genetic Wellness™

Beverly Hills Optometry is Beverly Hills' premier location for Genetic Wellness™. Genetic Wellness™ is an advanced approach to patient care that has the primary goal of early detection and prevention. We provide a personalized care plan that treats ocular and non-ocular illness simultaneously. It is based upon the results of a simple cheek swab and finger prick. It is cellular medicine. We are TREATING CAUSE and not just MANAGING SYMPTOMS. It is a precise multi-modal and multi-therapeutic strategy to attain optimal health. This approach is spreading throughout all of medicine, in all specialties, and is becoming the standard of care. With recent scientific discoveries we are at the forefront of a paradigm shift in being able to use EPIGENETICS to control the expression of our genes. We use genetics, food choices, targeted nutraceuticals, hormones, lifestyle and exercise to achieve the highest quality of life at the lowest cost.

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Oculus Keratograph 5M

NEW Oculus Keratograph 5M - Complete Dry Eye Analysis to diagnose, monitor, and manage patients with dry eyes, pre-LASIK, contact lens intolerance, computer eye strain, etc.

Get your customized treatment plan today! Now available at Beverly Hills Optometry!

Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT 500

  • Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT 500

    Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT

    Zeiss CIRRUS HD-OCT 500 provides an elevated eye care experience for patients and offers a broad range of clinical applications. A key instrument that collects quantitative data for the management of glaucoma and retinal disease, retina assessment for cataract surgery, and anterior segment imaging for corneal disease.

Discover the Eye Massage and How to Cure and Treat Dry Eyes

Discover the Eye Massage and How to Cure and Treat Dry Eyes


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