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OptiLight Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Treatment

Beverly Hills Optometry: Advanced Dry Eye Center

Optometrists & OptiLight (IPL) located in Beverly Hills, CA

Have you failed other dry eye treatments? Are you looking for a drug-free approach to get more permanent results? Are you tired of using eyedrops throughout the day? Our in-office therapeutic results, especially with OptiLight Intense Pulse Light with manual expression, are wonderful. Patients are raving about improvement with their dry eye disease, MGD, & ocular Rosacea.

OptiLight addresses the root of your condition by applying specific wavelengths of light to reduce inflammation, stimulate the meibomian glands, and photo-disinfect bacteria and demodex mites. The treatment is safe, effective, and has no downtime. 

In fact, OptiLight by Lumenis is the only FDA approved device for managing dry eye disease. Our patient often feel relief within 4 sessions (spaved about 2-4 weeks apart). 

OptiLight (IPL)


OptiLight IPL Therapy 

OptiLight Intense Pulse Light (IPL) works safely and effectively to significantly improve the signs & symptoms of dry eye disease, MGD & ocular rosacea. Ask our dry eye specialists if this procedure is right for you.
Learn more about OptiLight IPL and our modern treatment protocol: