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Are you eligible for medically necessary contacts?

Few people are aware that they may suffer from one of the several eye conditions that warrant “medically necessary contacts”. In such cases, patients’ contact lenses are sometimes completely covered by their vision insurance! This provides them with a convienient and cost-effective option to improve their vision and live a more fulfilling life. Some of the most common eye conditions that make a patient eligible for this service include Keratoconus (an eye disease that causes bulging of the cornea), Aphakia (absence of the lens), significant Ammetropia (having a prescription greater than +/- 10.00D), and high Anisometropia (when your eyes differ in prescription more than +/- 3.00D). Dr. Silani has extensive experience treating these conditions and has fitted several patients with medically necessary contacts over the years. If you have one of these conditions and are interested in getting medically necessary contacts, please contact our office at (310) 659-2020 or to schedule an appointment.

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Dr Kambiz Silani & Steven Saba Chief Clinical Director & Student Doctor

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