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What Does an Ideal Dry Eye Consultation Entail?

Modern Dry Eye Consult & Treatment Plans

At the initial, comprehensive dry eye consultation, the dry eye specialist and his/her team ideally should:

1) Review your medical/medication history (including biologic, lifestyle, and environmental factors),

2) Capture high definition and infrared images, perform point-of-care testing, fully evaluate the ocular surface with a slit lamp microscope, and instill of vital dye staining, 

3) Properly identify/rule-out conditions (such as Ocular Rosacea, MGD, Demodex Blepharitis, Nocturnal Lagophthalmos, Neurotrophic Keratitis, Filamentary Keratitis, Punctate Keratitis, Allergies, Aqueous Deficiency, and others),

4) Educate and empower the patient of findings/diagnosis as well as recommend lifestyle modifications.

There are multiple treatment modalities including:

1) Office-Based options such as OptiLight, LLLT/LED therapy, Lipiflow, TearCare, iLux, Blephex, Meibomian Gland Probing, Prokera, Punctal Plugs, Scleral Lenses, Irrigation (ie Rinsada), ZEST, 

2) Pharmaceuticals options (Immuno-modulators, Oral Doxycycline, Steroids, MIEBO, Xdemvy, Tyrvaya nasal spray, etc), some may have undesirable side effects,

3) Advanced therapy drop options including RegenerEyes, Autologous Serum tears, Plalelet-Rich Plasma (PRP),

4) At-home devices (ie iTear100 and Nulids), and

5) At-home products (ie lid hygiene, OM3, compress, PFATs, nighttime therapy, and more).

Important to note that in mind that there commonly isn’t just ONE option that is considered a silver bullet but when the right combination therapy is chosen, many patients can often find lasting relief and/or pivot from the ‘rehabilitation’ phase to the ‘maintenance’ phase. In this situation is where we see the greatest improvement signs/symptoms as well as quality of vision and quality of life.

To learn more, here’s an Advanced List of Dry Eye Treatment Options (updated October 2023):

Dr Kambiz Silani Chief Clinical Director

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