Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Vision problems related to computer use are on the rise, causing a wide range of uncomfortable symptoms. Dr. Silani offers comprehensive computer vision services to help patients of all ages successfully deal with their symptoms and ensure their vision remains as healthy as possible.

Computer Vison Q & A

What is computer vision syndrome?

According to the American Optometric Association, computer vision syndrome, or CVS, is a condition that's developed only recently, as more and more people spend long hours in front of computer screens every day. The syndrome describes a set of symptoms that occur as the result of constantly focusing on computer screens and can include non-eye-related symptoms like neck and shoulder pain as well. 

What are the symptoms of computer eye syndrome?

Even if you've always had perfect or near-perfect vision, you can develop computer vision syndrome if you sue a computer for long periods of time. CVS is accompanied by these symptoms:

  • dry or scratchy eyes

  • blurred vision

  • problems focusing

  • headaches

  • eye strain or discomfort

  • pain in the neck or upper back

Although these symptoms may seem mild at first, left untreated, they can quickly worsen over time and even cause other vision-related problems to develop.

How can computer eye syndrome be treated?

Dr. Salani offers a complete range of computer vision services to help diagnose and manage CVS. Generally speaking, the number of symptoms you experience and the degree of their severity can be influenced by the length of time you use the computer at one time, the lighting you use, your posture, the position of the computer, desk and chair and other vision problems. Diagnosis begins with a complete eye exam to eliminate other possible causes. Once CVS is confirmed, our staff can help you make changes in your work habits that can help you avoid these symptoms, like making adjustments to your lighting and screen position to eliminate glare or taking frequent eye “breaks.” If you're experiencing symptoms of CVS, don't delay treatment. Call our office today to schedule an evaluation to ensure your symptoms don't become worse.