Beverly Hills Optometry Dry Eye Philosophy

Sep 08, 2021

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Beverly Hills Optometry Dry Eye Philosophy

Dr Kambiz Silani, Chief Clinical Director of Beverly Hills Optometry:

For over 8 years, treating Dry Eye Disease (or Ocular Surface Disease) has become my calling.

It is a pleasure serving our patients. Many are part of our local community, while others travel across the country to seek relief. What these patients have in common is a profound trust in our practice, our team and our protocol.

My personal dry eye journey led to our constant and never ending desire to offer the most advanced procedures. And as modern, evidence-based treatment options continue to evolve, we will embrace them.

Although there is no cure for dry eye patients, our goal is to minimize the severity and frequency of flare-ups and episodes as well as manage the overall condition. With that being said, I'm proud to share that 1000s of patients have found longterm success with our in-depth protocol.

At present, our mission is to control overgrowth of bacteria/biofilm, reduce inflammation, & unclog oil glands. For most of our patients, a combination of office-based therapeutics and a proper at-home regimen works optimally.

We also provide guidance and counseling regarding lifestyle habits that may positively or negatively contribute to their symptoms a d impact their quality of life

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