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Convergence Insufficiency and ADHD

Some people may notice difficulty focusing on objects at near. This is especially evident when trying to read text close up. Convergence insufficiency is a condition characterized by difficulties for both eyes to work together to focus on a near target. Often times, patients with convergence insufficiency have difficulty concentrating and reading for long periods of time due to the excessive strain on their eyes. Young students in school that may have convergence insufficiency and have difficulties focusing in classrooms are more commonly diagnosed as having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD.

Recent studies have shown that the incidence of children with visual impairments are diagnosed with ADHD twice as often as the general population. ( It is unknown whether ADHD and convergence insufficiency are directly related, however the increased prevalence of ADHD diagnosis in young children with visual impairments may indicate a possible over diagnosis of ADHD due to a lack of awareness of convergence insufficiency.

This emphasizes the importance of visiting your optometrist for regular eye exams! Eye exams will diagnose and treat any vision related problems that may cause other lifestyle difficulties and changes. This is especially important for children who may not be able to communicate the reason for their distractions and difficulties in school. Visit our website at to make an appointment for your next eye exam!

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Dr Kambiz Silani & Negin Aboutorabian Chief Clinical Director & Student Doctor

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