Dry Eye July

Jun 30, 2022

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Dry Eye July

July is Dry Eye Awareness Month! During the month of July, when you perform an office-based treatment, receive $5 off EACH dry eye product purchase (limit 10 products per patient). Mention: Dry Eye July to redeem.

Included are the following brands: Eyes Are the Story, Zocular, Ocusoft, Retaine, Optase, Oasis Tears, Ocusci, Latisse, PRN, HydroEye, Nordic Naturals, Avenova, RegenerEyes, NuLids device, & iTear100 device.

Alternatively: For 10% off anytime, you may also visit 'Dry Eye Rescue' and use the promo code: BHO10.

For a comprehensive list of Dry Eye Treatment options, please visit this blog.

Recent Dry Eye Testimonials:

Georgette: "My eyes were severely dry, and I was in so much pain and discomfort before I found Dr Silani last fall. NOW, I have quality of life again. I would highly recommend."

Thomas: "After having the iLux, ZEST and 1 IPL (OptiLight) treatment, I saw a 75-80% improvement in my symptoms after around 2 weeks. Going in for my monthly IPL treatments are so much fun."

Adrienne: "The team at Beverly Hills Optometry (BHO) have made my eyes manageable! I suffer from dry eye disease. They work with you closely and really care about getting you symptom free. They have all the latest treatments and make sure they stay on the cutting edge of the latest advancements."

Justin: "Amazing clinic! The place to go if you are experiencing dry eyes! Approach testing, diagnosis and treatment."

Amr: "Drs Silani and Younany are amazing! Super knowledgeable, great staff and wonderful experience. Definitely visit if you're having any dry eye issues."

Maxx: "Had a great visit at Dr Silani's office. My eyes were feeling red, irritated, and dry but he diagnosed and treated me in the office same day. Friendly staff and easy experience."