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Dry Eye Program

Beverly Hills Optometry dry eye program includes 2 yearly visits to your eye care professional. Consider this: We brush our teeth twice daily & visit with our dentist for that deep cleaning as preventative medicine to preserve the best look and feel for our dental hygiene.

Now there's a solution for your eyeballs: The Eye Massage featuring MiBoFlo Thermoelectric and LidPro eyelid Exfoliator get to the root cause of dry eye by exfoliating (with LidPro) the eyelids and liquifying inspissated secretions and improve meibomian glandular function (with The Eye Massage by MiBoFlo). MiBoFlo ameliorates the evaporative component of dry eye. The hard oils or lard build up inside the meibomian glands are flushed out like a radiator flushes our car. Biannual visits are necessary for maintenance to manage such chronic conditions, i.e. blepharitis, digital eye strain, dry eye, contact lens intolerance, and post-surgical patients experiencing eye-related symptoms.

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Dr Kambiz Silani Chief Clinical Director

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