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Glasses Lens Coating

Having proper frames with the right coating can make a significant impact in one's eye health. Exposure to certain light rays can have dangerous and damaging effects on our eyes. Particularly harmful are ultra-violet (UV) light rays and blue light rays. Harmful UV light affects the front of the eye and increases risk of cataract formation, while blue light causes damage to the back of the eye and increases risk of macular degeneration. We can help combat this with the help of lens coatings.

Anti-Glare (AR) coatings are designed to block the back surface reflection of UV light from the sun. UV light will pass through the AR coating and be absorbed in the lens material. This can reduce exposure to UV light by 50%. More specifically are blue light blocking AR coatings. Harmful blue light is produced by the sun, electronic devices and modern lighting. A blue-blocking AR coating is able lower ones risk of AMD by preventing 20% of harmful blue light from entering the eye.

A more largely recognized lens is the polarized lens and rightfully so. Wearing polarized sunglasses reduces exposure to UV light by 100%, and 87% to 92% for blue light. Polarized sunglasses have a specific vertical design to prevent access of horizontal UV light and blue light making them crucial tools for eye protection.

We only have one set of eyeballs, it's our job to protect them. Contact us at 310-734-3446 or go to our website,, to learn more and to schedule an appointment today.

Dr. Kambiz Silani, OD & Niki Ashtiani Chief Clinical Director & Student Doctor

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