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Importance of Eye Exams for Children (Pediatric Eye Care)

It is important for children to have eye exams regularly and to start at a young age in order to identify any vision problems that may be present. This will help monitor, treat and prevent any further vision problems that may happen in development. It is extremely beneficial to identify if any conditions exist at an early age because it will help prevent the condition from progressing and because children are more receptive to treatment than adults. According to the American Optometric Association, children should have their first comprehensive eye exam at 6 months old to screen for any developmental vision problems. Children should receive eye exams before entering school and once in school, every two years if there are no vision problems present. If a child has uncorrected vision problems, unnecessary eye strain and fatigue may occur, which may hinder the child's performance in school. It is essential for parents to take their children to regular eye exams to ensure healthy ongoing vision from an early age. Visit our website to book an appointment today.

Dr Kambiz Silani & Negin Aboutorabian Chief Clinical Director & Student Doctor

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