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Importance of Pediatric Eye Exams

Most parents concern themselves with their child’s pediatric visits but overlook the importance of their vision development. As a child grows, their vision is constantly changing. In their early months, babies focus only on close up objects and are primarily able to see high contrast colors, such as black, white, and red. Their visual acuity sharpens at six months and should have their vision examined at this time to ensure normal development and binocular function.

It is recommended that children receive several eye exams before starting school, around age three and again at five or six. Visual problems can negatively affect the child’s learning in school. If signs or symptoms or visual complaints are not addressed, a child may have a hard time focusing in the classroom or during during outdoor activities. Their inability to read text can result in poor academic performance and in turn may decrease their motivation for learning later in life. Symptoms of learning-related vision problems include headaches or eyestrain, short attention span for visual tasks such as identifying objects and reading, or poor hand eye coordination.

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Dr Kambiz Silani & Hannah Eap Chief Clinical Director & Patient Care Liaison

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