Parents: Increased Computer Time May Cause Increased Risk of Child Myopia

Sep 01, 2016

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Parents: Increased Computer Time May Cause Increased Risk of Child Myopia

STATISTIC: "An AOA survey reports that 83 percent of children between the ages of 10 and 17 estimate they use an electronic device for three or more hours each day".


Innovative technologies and environmental conditions have encouraged children to spend more time indoors on computers, tablets, and cell phones doing "near work" in low-lit environments. Eye care providers suspect that this “near work” (working in close proximity to an electronic device) may be increasing their risk of nearsightedness. Low-lit environments may contribute to the risk causing the eyes to overcompensate by straining to focus.


According to Acrhives of Ophthalmology, the prevelance of nearsightedness (myopia) among Americans has increased from 25% to 41.6% over the past 30 years. Scientist suspect the increase is due to "near work".


Though myopia is irreversible and cannot be prevented, the progression can be slowed down by maintaining well lit environments for your children to work in and by regulating how much time your child spends on electronic devices, encouraging them to take 20 minute breaks to exercise their focus on objects 20 feet away. In addition, every child should have a yearly comprehensive eye exam before the school year begins. Please contact our office at 310-659-2020 or find us at http://www.bheyeguy.com to schedule your child's annual eye physical to evaluate the vision and health of their eyes.