Lipiflow Vectored Thermal Pulsation Q&A

Jan 14, 2023

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Lipiflow Vectored Thermal Pulsation Q&A

Over 11 years ago, TearScience LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation System received FDA approval for treatment of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), the leading cause of dry eye disease. LipiFlow is a 12-minute fully automated thermal pulsation device.

How it works?

Bilateral activators (similar to scleral lenses) are inserted to protect the corneas. After the activators are in position, they gradually heat the eyelids from the inside, which are adjacent to the Meibomian glands (oil glands). 

While the constant heat is applied for the full duration of the treatment, there’s an intermittent pulsing effect, which feels like an eyelid massage. This safe and effective technique allows for the unhealthy meibum (oil) to melt and exit the glands. 

Who would benefit most?

Patients showing poor gland structure or function, including both those with signs/symptoms of dry eye disease as well as those without. This includes patients with 1) structural damage their glands (meibography), 2) clogged or unhealthy oil glands, or 3) evaporative dry eye.

Is there any downtime?

LipiFlow is commonly a quick, painless, and well-tolerated procedure. In fact, we often have many patients who take a nap or wish that it lasted longer than 12-minutes because it’s so comfortable. Additionally, most patients drive themselves and return to their normal activities post-treatment. 

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