• MiBo Thermoflo – Therapeutic Medical Device

    by Dr Kambiz Silani & Tennyson Jellins
    on Aug 24th, 2016

Are you one of the 30 million people suffering from chronic dry eye? Do the summer months get your eyes itchy or do countless hours staring at your computer screen make for blurry vision? Forget the artificial tears and prescription medicines, there is a new therapeutic medical device that will solve your problems and leave you as relaxed as the spa. MiBo Thermoflo is SIMPLY REVOLUTIONARY! In as few as three short treatments, MiBo Thermoflo works to unclog meibomian glands in the eye using a proprietary thermoelectric heat pump. The pump applies controlled heat to the outer skin of the eyelids along with an ultrasound gel to ensure painless and immediate relief. The result: a healthier tear film and substantially less long-term discomfort for your eyes. Even better, there are no side effects of this new technology and it is much more affordable than most alternatives. For more information and to make your appointment for MiBo Thermoflo, please visit http://www.bheyeguy.com and get more comfortable eyes now!

Author Dr Kambiz Silani & Tennyson Jellins Chief Clinical Director & Patient Care Liaison

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