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Nulids At-Home Treatment System

Beverly Hills Optometry - Nulids Treatment Device

The NuLids System is:

- A Natural way to significantly improve the stability of the tear film and reduce evaporative dry eye by increasing Meibomian (oil) gland output.

- A Clinically proven device to open and stimulate Meibomian glands through reduction of  bacterial biofilm, plaque and inflammatory mediators.

- An effective at-home treatment that augments doctors’ in-office treatments to help decrease signs and symptoms of DED
-Safe and effective treatment device to use at-home to help decrease signs and symptoms of dry eye disease (DED), blepharitis, & MGD.
-Works well to augments between doctors' in-office deep cleaning sessions with BlephEx & ZEST.
Dr Kambiz Silani Chief Clinical Director

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