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Ocular Rosacea

Rosacea may first appear as reddish patches of skin on your face or neck that lead to bumpy skin lesions, pimples or blood vessels on the surface. While Rosacea is very apparent on the face and neck, many have undiagnosed Ocular Rosacea. About 13 million people suffer from Rosacea, and about 50% also have Ocular Rosacea. 

If you are experiencing swollen, itching, and burning sensations throughout the day, you may be experiencing Ocular Rosacea. It is also important to mention that Ocular Rosacea may arise even before Rosacea. While there is no cure for Ocular Rosacea at this time, there are treatments to help alleviate the discomfort, eliminate flare-ups, and prevent serious conditions, such as corneal ulcers, scarring of eyelids, or vision loss. 

If you are suffering from this condition, avoiding lifestyle and environmental factors that may trigger the flare-ups are essential. Some of the most common triggers include, but are not limited to the following: wind, extreme hot or cold, spices, alcohol, or stress. If you have been diagnosed with Rosacea or are you experiencing any of these symptoms, be sure to schedule an appointment at Beverly Hills Optometry ( today!

Dr Kambiz Silani & Caroline Laughlin Chief Clinical Director & Patient Care Liaison

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