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A New Treatment For Dry Eye Syndrome

Affecting millions of Americans, Dry Eye Syndrome can cause discomfort in day-to-day activities like reading and watching TV. Many folks, like celebrity Jennifer Aniston, go undiagnosed and unnecessarily suffer from Dry Eye. According to the Federal Drug Administration (“FDA”), Dry Eye Syndrome (“DES”) affects about 5 percent of adults, ages 30 to 40 and up to 15 percent of people over the age of 65. Symptoms include itchiness, burning, grittiness, stinging, redness, excessive tearing, and inflammation.

Aniston suffered years with temporary relief, but Dry Eye Syndrome can be managed and discomfort can be mitigated. For 15 years, the use of Restasis has been the leading approved pharmacological treatment for DES. One drawback of Restasis is the fact that it only works on newly formed T-Cells that can live for 3.5 months, prolonging the activation process and leaving patients unsatisfied in the first two to three weeks of use. But don't fear -- a new leading medication is here!

This summer the FDA approved a new DES medication that expedites relief associated with treatment. Xiidra (ZYE-druh) is the first FDA approved medication that treats both signs and symptoms of DES. It is administered with one drop in each eye, twice daily, in 12 hour increments. Its most common side effects include eye irritation, blurred vision, and an unusual taste. Xiidra has not been evaluated in children under 17 because DES tends not to affect lower age groups.

To be evaluated for Dry Eye Snydrome and see if you qualify for Xiidra or other of our revolutionary dry eye technologies, contact our office at 310-734-3446 or visit our website, 



Dr. Kambiz Silani & Alexa Bolden Chief Clinical Director & Student Doctor

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