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The Power of Regener-Eyes (Regenerative Eye Drop)


What is Regener-Eyes?

Regener-Eyes is a sterile, preservative-free biologic eye drop that comes in two versions, LITE (for mild ocular surface disease) and PRO (for moderate to severe ocular surface disease). Both the Pro and LITE have a shelf life of 3 years. The Pro version is required to be refrigerated while LITE may be placed at room temperature.

How does it work? This placenta-based drop has unique proteins such anti-inflammatory cytokines, chemokines for healing properties, growth factors for regenerative potential, and hyaluronic acid for high level lubrication.

For whom is it indicated? Indicated for patients with ocular surface disease including blepharitis, MGD, dry eye disease, recurrent corneal erosions, keratitis, and neurotrophic pain.

For whom is it contra-indicated? There are no contra-indications and no adverse reaction reported to the company. Regener-Eyes may be used with other prescription eye drops as well as over-the-counter (OTC) drops. Although some patients may experience momentary burning upon installation of the eye drop, there are no long-term negative side effects.

What results can patients expect? Patients often feel improvement of symptoms within a few weeks to a few months. Under the care of their eye doctor, patients can commonly taper or discontinue their prescription drops after initiating Regener-Eyes.

What percentage of patients utilize the product? A large majority of our dry eye patients have successfully integrated Regener-Eyes into their home routine. With our guidance, they have safely discontinued use of their pharmaceutical drops such as Restasis and Xiidra.

What benefits does it provide to your practice? Many of our patients prefer a more holistic approach to treating systemic and ocular conditions. Regener-Eyes offers this distinct approach by promoting the body’s natural healing as opposed to pharmaceutical eye drops which may suppress the immune response. Pharmaceuticals don’t commonly rid the issue instead they often cover it up.

Case study 1: (A.F.) 30-year old male patient presented to our office with a SPEED score of 16. He reported using rewetting drops around the clock and minimal to no relief with pharmaceutical eye drop. After performing in-office manual blepharo-exfoliation (ZEST) and initiating Regener-Eyes Pro, our patient felt instant relief and was able to taper to every 3 hours on his rewetting drops. At his 1-month follow-up appointment, the patient also willingly consented to thermal expression (TearCare) to unclog his inspissated meibomian glands. By address the root cause of his MGD, we gave him an additional push in the right direction.

Case study 2: (L.S.) 38-year old male patient presented with chronic ocular surface disease and was placed on Restasis by his previous eye doctor. His dermatologist also placed his on Accutane which caused significant meibomian gland obstruction. We immediately initiated thermal pulsation therapy (Lipiflow) to unblock his oil glands and began him on Regener-Eyes Pro. Within days of starting Regener-Eyes, our patient was able to completely discontinue Restasis without any worsening of his symptoms. At his 5-week follow-up, our patient reported dramatic improvement in his symptoms and reduced flare-ups with the switch to the new biologic eye drop


Dr Kambiz Silani Chief Clinical Director

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