Say Goodbye to Dry Eye in 2021 

Jan 22, 2021

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Say Goodbye to Dry Eye in 2021 

Say Goodbye to Dry Eye in 202

30-40 million patients in the United States are plagued by dry eye disease, with women outpacing men by almost two to one. Whatever your age or gender, if you're struggling with dry eyes, the good news is that there are solutions and we have them here

In fact, the team at Beverly Hills Optometry's Advanced Dry Eye Center prides itself on offering the very latest technologies and products for remedying dry eyes, including: 

  • TearCare® 
  • Lipiflow® 
  • Regener-Eyes® 
  • BlephEx® 
  • Eye massage 
  • Nulids® 

As you can see by this extensive list, we have a deep well of options so that we can ensure that each patient finds the solution they need to remedy bothersome and irritating dry eyes

If you want to see more clearly in 2021, click on the button below to schedule your dry eye appointment.