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The Eye Massage by Beverly Hills Optometry

The Eye Massage
Beverly Hills Optometry
Beverly Hills Optometry Dry Eye Center of Excellence, Dr Kambiz Silani

The team at Beverly Hills Optometry is excited to be the first office in Beverly Hills to offer this revolutionary dry eye treatment to patients! The Eye Massage by Beverly Hills Optometry featuring the MiBo Thermoflo technology is an innovative, dry eye therapy for patients with dry eyes, tired eyes, styes, blepharitis, & pre/post LASIK. 
How does it work? The patented technology uses ultrasound gel in combination with heated pads to get the eyelids up to a steady 108 degrees (10 degrees above body temperature) which is the ideal temperature to unclogged the oil glands in the eyelids. Once this happens it allow gentle, uniform oil to express, creating healthy tears and natural lubrication for the eyelids to glide over the surface of the eye. 
What to Expect? Painless, procedure taking 12 minutes per eye with immediate, satisfactory results within the first treatment.
What Does it Feel Like? An eye spa experience, most patients (including myself) fall asleep because they are so relaxed during the in-office eyelid massage treatment and soothing background ambiance. 
Things to Keep in Mind? Prior to the treatment, we ask patients to remove their eye makeup and contact lenses. 
How Often to Perform? For maximum benefit, we commonly schedule patients for three consecutive visits: Day 1, Day 7, & Day 21. The first treatment typically lasts 2-5 days, the second treatment lasts 1-2 weeks and the three treatment approximately 2-9 months. If we have a patient present during the dry eye evaluation with moderate to severe dry eyes, often a fourth treatment is advised.

For more information and to schedule your dry eye evaluation or The Eye Massage by Beverly Hills Optometry, please contact us at 310-659-2020 or FIND US at
Dr Kambiz Silani Chief Clinical Director

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