Top 10 Dry Eye Tips

Jun 08, 2022

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Top 10 Dry Eye Tips

Are you or a loved one struggling from signs and/or symptoms of dry eye disease? Here are some helpful tips to do on your own:

1) Blink Exercises/Crunches (ideal during/after warm compress): Open eyes for 2 seconds, close eyes for 2 seconds, squeeze eyelids while closed for 2 seconds (repeat 10 reps, 3 times daily).

2) Stay Hydrated: 2-3 Liters of water per day (it may taste better with fresh lemon slices or cucumber slices)

3) Mediterranean Diet (or anti-inflammatory diet): high in nuts, seeds, green vegetables, salmon, avocado, etc). Even if you don't have celiac disease or aren't lactose-intolerant, consider limiting or eliminating gluten, dairy, and artifical sugars.

4) Consider seeing an Allergist to screen for environmental or dietary factors.

5) Add a humidifier and/or air purifier for your home, office, or other areas where you spend extended periods of time.

6) Annual check-up with primary care physician for updated blood work to rule out systemic conditions, autoimmune conditions, and vitamin/mineral deficiencies.

7) 20/20/20 rule: Taking frequent breaks while on the computer, every 20 minutes, look away from 20 seconds at a target 20 feet or greater. We tend to blink up to 75% less while looking at digital screens.

8) Restful, uninterrupted sleep (ideally 8 hours/evening) and consistent bedtime routine.

9) Daily physical and mental check-in: mindfulness meditation, yoga, outdoor walking, biking, hiking, weightlifting, etc. Stress and anxiety can really set you back, building stress management habits can be useful.

10) Keep up with your eyecare routine: eyelid hygiene, medical grade dry eye supplements, preservative-free lubricating eye drops, at-home devices such as iTear100 and NuLids.

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